• 06 NOV 2015

Post Cabinet Briefing Summary – Thursday 6th November, 2015


The University of Trinidad and Tobago Board (UTT)

Members include:

  • Professor Ken Julien (Chairman)
  • Professor Clement Imbert
  • Shivan Ojah-Maharaj
  • Hollace Liverpool
  • Marsyln Melbourne-Jack
  • Nicolyn Moore
  • Winston Lalla
  • Two members to be added


The Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Board

Members include:

  • Shaheed Hosein (Chairman)
  • Merna Persad
  • Marcus Snaggs
  • David Alexander
  • Quincy Trim
  • Nadine Nabbie
  • Telecommunications Services Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT)
  • Members include:
  • Emile Elias (Chairman)
  • Ian Narine
  • Wendell Berkeley
  • Kimberly Erriah
  • Judith Sobian


Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company Board (e TecK)

Members include:

  • Imtiaz Ahamad (Chairman)
  • Judy Ramjohn
  • Eric Lewis
  • Arnold De Four
  • Randall Karim
  • Kelvon Morris
  • The National Lotteries Control Board
  • Marvin Jancillor (Chairman)
  • Winfield Quamina
  • Kristine Lee King
  • Ria Joseph
  • The National Quarries Company Limited Board
  • Ulric Warner (Chairman)
  • Shazim Kaleem Mohammed
  • Wander Delandro-Clarke
  • Roger Rojan
  • Dons Waite



Committee to review the delivery and quality of health care services

Cabinet also agreed on the establishment of a committee to review the levels of health care delivered by the regional health authorities and to rationalise the system of public sector doctors in private practice.

Members of the committee include:

  • Winston Welch (Chairman)
  • Wayne Frederick
  • Professor Karl Theodore
  • Martin De Gannes
  • Adesh Sujan Singh
  • Vale Rowlins
  • One member to be added


Committee to develop a Referred foundation textbook for Trinidad and Tobago

In keeping with the commitment that was made by the Prime Minister, Cabinet also agreed on the establishment of a committee to develop a referred foundation textbook for Trinidad and Tobago.

Members of the committee include:

  • Professor Theodore Lewis (Chairman)
  • Professor Bridget Brereton
  • Ravindranath Maharaj (Raviji)

Five members to be added along with a representative from the Ministry of Education