• 05 MAY 2023

Post-Cabinet Media Briefing- Thursday 04th May, 2023

“If there is a citizen or citizens who under the Police Act or any other law who have been deemed by the police to be in breach of the law then the law will take its course without let, without hindrance from the Executive of Trinidad and Tobago and any other source of intervention.”

Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley made the statement at a Post-Cabinet Media Briefing held at the Diplomatic Centre, St. Ann’s yesterday (Thursday 04 May, 2023).

Regarding the matter involving Brent Thomas, the Prime Minister said he has concerns about every aspect of the situation, but he will abstain from commenting further at the moment.

In response to statements made by members of the Opposition that the Government was involved in the case, Dr Rowley maintained that “the actions of police officers’ work was only directed by police officers in the police service under the Police Act” and not that of the Prime Minister. He said any person making allegations contrary to that should present the supporting evidence of their position.

The Prime Minister said that he became aware of the existence of the matter because of media reports. As Head of the National Security Council, Dr Rowley said his concern, fear, and apprehension concerning the matter was that of “arms, ammunition, permits, location and use of those things in and against the population of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Dr Rowley said the police are the only people in the court of law who can answer for their actions.

The Prime Minister said, “The Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago is not in the habit of directing the police at any person or agency.”