• 26 MAY 2022

The Launch of The Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programme

“Investing in our people is critical, the development of this Apprenticeship Programme contributes to the achievement of the targets set out in the Roadmap to Recovery regarding investing in human capital and is directly aligned to our vision 2030, thematic area of “putting people first and nurturing our greatest asset. “You young people, are our greatest asset.”

This statement by Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley at the launch of the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programme held at the MIC- Institute of Technology in Macoya today (Thursday 26th May, 2022).

The three-year programme which received Cabinet approval earlier this year will allow individuals 17 – 25 years old the opportunity to be prepared for employment within the manufacturing sector.

This partnership between, the MIC Institute of Technology, the Ministry of Trade, the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association and the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service provides trainees with the opportunity to gain the skills needed to bolster the non-energy sector.

In his feature address, Prime Minister Rowley noted while apprenticeship training is not new to Trinidad and Tobago, it continues to play a pivotal role in the country’s industrial growth, by producing skilled craftsmen and technicians for several energy and non-energy sectors.

Dr Rowley said during the COVID-19 pandemic it was the Government’s “immediate goal to return Trinidad and Tobago to a path of sustainability, development that is all-encompassing and transformative.”

He said, by constituting and tasking the Roadmap to Recovery Committee, policy measures and recommendations were provided, “The Committee, recognised the critical role of human capital in driving sustainable socio-economic development, and has underscored the importance of pursuing strategies targeted to the strengthening of our human capital, leveraging the talents of all our people and eliminating the barriers that impede human development.”

Acting Minister of Education and Member of Parliament for D’Abadie/O’Meara, the Hon. Lisa Morris-Julian hailed the partnership of the Mentorship Programme and said, “once leveraged effectively, it will address the shortage of skills labour need in this sector”.

Delivering remarks, Minister of Trade and Industry, Senator the Hon Paula Gopee-Scoon stated that the programme is the “revolution in continuous learning.” She said, “This is in fact, the revolution that is necessary to prepare for the diversification” that will allow this country’s economy to prosper.

In June, over 100 apprentices will be inducted into the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programme and received a monthly paid stipend of $3000.