• 15 JUL 2017

The Agenda for Meeting Between Prime Minister Rowley and Opposition Leader

Having invited the Leader of the Opposition to meet at a mutually suitable time between July 12 to 19 it was agreed that the meeting would take place on Tuesday 18 July from 2:00 PM at the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The invitation also indicated that the Leader of the Opposition was free to have a note taker accompany her to the meeting.

Upon her acceptance to meet, Mrs Persad Bissessar requested an agenda which was provided. The items listed for discussion were:

  1. Internal Self Government for Tobago
  2. Campaign Finance Reform
  3. Anti-Gang Legislation
  4. Difficulty within the Judiciary—JLSC Matter
  5. The Integrity Commission
  6. Service Commissions effectiveness
  7. Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament

The Opposition Leader has gone on to request that crime, the economy and jobs be included in the agenda. However, Prime Minister Rowley has made it clear that the items on the agenda are those carded to go before the Parliament which require a special majority. It is in an effort to obtain Parliamentary collaboration as a way forward that the meeting is being held. In this regard, jobs and the economy do not fall into the category of items to be discussed. However, some discussion on crime could be entertained under the agenda item of anti-gang legislation.

The Prime Minister looks forward to productive and fruitful discussions on these matters which require the engagement of the Opposition in the Parliament. The Prime Minister is of the view that this approach is in the best interest of the nation and will redound to the benefit of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.