• 14 DEC 2016

Swearing-in Ceremony – City Council of the City of San Fernando

Prime Minister Rowley attended the Swearing-in Ceremony of Aldermen and the Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the San Fernando City Corporation today (Wednesday 14th December, 2016) at the City Hall Auditorium, Harris Promenande. San Fernando. In his remarks, Dr. Rowley acknowledged San Fernando as one of the best run city corporations in the nation.

Prime Minister Rowley also noted that, based on what San Fernando already is, he has great hopes for this city of culture saying, “If there is a city of brotherly love in Trinidad and Tobago, I would say that city is San Fernando.”

Additionally, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to emphasise that local government reform can bring about an improvement in the quality of life now enjoyed by citizens and called on the nation to support their councils and corporations.