• 15 MAR 2019

Statement on New Zealand Terror Attack

It is with shock and horror that we the people of Trinidad and Tobago received the sad news of the unspeakable tragedy that has been unleashed on the Muslim community and the entire nation of our sister Commonwealth nation, New Zealand.

In this period of grief the people of Trinidad and Tobago, we who live by the doctrine that every creed and race have an equal place in our nation, unreservedly condemn all words and deeds from whatsoever source, that would have the effect of initiating, encouraging or sustaining hatred in any and all its manifestations.

We call for the widest possible condemnation of this debasing of humanity by those who fail to accept the oneness of the human race. We trust that the people of New Zealand, who today bear this burden for all of us, will find the strength to overcome this tragedy as they stand firm on their principles of nurturing a peaceful and humanitarian nation.