• 19 JUN 2017

Statement from Prime Minister Rowley on Tropical Storm Bret

Fellow citizens, as you are undoubtedly aware, Trinidad and Tobago is currently under a tropical storm warning. As such, our disaster preparedness plans and protocols have been triggered and are being led by the Office of Disaster Preparedness (ODPM) under the Ministry of National Security.

We understand that in times of possible natural disaster, we are faced with uncertainty, concern and even some level of anxiety since Mother Nature is beyond our control. While this is so, we can, and should, as much as humanly possible, take the necessary steps to minimize the negative effects before, during and after the storm.

In this regard, the ODPM and the Meteorological Office have been working in accordance with their set protocols and procedures, to dispense pertinent information and updates with a view to ensuring the safety of people, property and livestock. All supporting and first responder agencies have been engaged and are prepared to assist our citizens as we prepare ourselves for the effects of Tropical Storm Bret.

Government is being guided by the best and latest information from the ODPM and the Met office and has been advised, at this time, that there is no need to order the closure of government offices tomorrow.

As the weather progresses over us I take this opportunity to urge each and everyone to please take heed of all of the information and updates emanating from the relevant lead agencies, in particular the ODPM. I ask that we resist panic, and instead stay calm and resolute to emerge from this safely.

As we go through the next 12-24 hours of weather I ask that God continues to bless our nation.

Dr Keith Rowley