• 04 APR 2021

Prime Minister’s Message to the Nation on the Occasion of Easter 2021

I extend Easter greetings from the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, my family and myself as Prime Minister, as we join with the Christian community in celebration of what is today a joyous occasion.
On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ which holds great significance to the Christian community, because its faith rests upon His resurrection.
The Bible tells us that because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ the world now has hope, through Him, of everlasting life.
Easter Sunday gives the world a renewed hope, which is particularly required at this time.
It also gives us the reminder that no matter how dark a situation, as the present may seem, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.
On Easter Sunday, when He appeared alive to the women, it was difficult for some of His disciples to believe that He had risen from the dead.
Jesus had told His disciples of His resurrection, but yet there was doubt in the hearts of these men of faith.
It is no different today.
Many have doubts that Trinidad and Tobago will ever overcome the challenges before us, because of the global uncertainty.
But I assure you that despite what you may see or hear, in some quarters, the Government you elected in 2020 is working toward the benefit of all the people of this country.
The Government will not give up on the mission which the citizens of this country assigned us. With your input and patience, we are going to achieve better levels of health, security and prosperity for this country together.
We must reflect on our history, and the many hurdles we have overcome. Remember, too, that our country is not the only one in the world facing socio-economic, and now the psychological challenges, being created by the pandemic. These are in every corner of the global village.
We continue to battle with COVID-19, the acquisition of vaccines, the challenging economic circumstances, gender-based violence and other crimes.
We need to understand that the outcome will depend on how we view our current position. Let us search for the opportunities, which are all around us, to ensure that we overcome this trying period together.
To the young men of our country, in particular, I speak to you directly today on the issues of crime and gender-based violence: Use Easter to reflect on your lives. Learn to love and respect our women, and our society.
Crime may hurt the victim first, but be assured that the perpetrator will get his reckoning, some day. Acts of crime really show the need to go into yourselves and cultivate the compassion, which Christ preached.
Men must recognise women as our counterparts, playing an equal role, in our society. At Easter we recall that women were the ones who found the risen Christ over 2000 years ago.
We must come to recognise that women are the backbone of our nation.
In your partner and the women you come into contact with, you must see your mother, your grandmother, that favourite aunt or teacher you respected in growing up. Extend to your partner the love and care she deserves as the mother of your children and your possible life partner.
Let us stand as men and do what we were born to be — protectors and not predators of women and children.
Let us appeal to our young people, generally, to find paths of tolerance and compassion in their relationships. Overall, gender-based violence and other violent crime ought not to be among the most identifiable features of this country’s social landscape.
As we spend this Easter Sunday with our families, let us take time to reflect on the life of Christ, then turn to our inner strengths. Let us look deep within ourselves, with questions of how can we use the strengths that reside within us all to propel us forward during this period.
Once again, have a happy and holy Easter!