• 29 AUG 2020

Prime Minister’s Media Conference – Saturday 29 August, 2020

From Monday 31st August, 2020, the wearing of masks in a public space will be mandatory. This as legislation is expected to be passed in the Parliament to make adjustments to the Public Health (Amendment) Bill 2020, to include a fixed penalty notice for persons caught in public without a mask.
Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley made the announcement during a media conference held at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s today (Saturday 29 August, 2020).
Dr Rowley also made the following announcements:
• The previously announced changes to the Public Health Ordinance remain in effect for the next 14 days.
• Public Service to operate with essential services only. The remaining workforce will be expected to work from home, utilising teleconferencing means.
• Places of worship will remain closed; however, they will be allowed to have ten people to prepare for virtual services.
• A meeting will be scheduled with the relevant authorities and Maxi-Taxi and Taxi operators to discuss passenger capacity. All passengers will be required to wear masks.
• Government intends to increase the number of exemptions granted for nationals returning to Trinidad and Tobago.
Minister of Health the Hon Terrence Deyalsingh announced a refinement to the COVID-19 response escalation policy. He said in Trinidad, voluntarily state-supervised quarantine will be made available to Covid-19 positive patients who are unable to efficiently self-isolate at home. Tobago will maintain the existing state-supervised quarantine measures based on the island’s unique geography.
Minister of National Security the Hon Stuart Young said a lone motorist in their vehicle will not be mandated to wear a mask. However, if there are multiple people in the vehicle at a time, in an effort to assist the police with enforcing the law, all passengers will be required to wear masks.
Dr Rowley appealed to citizens to reflect on their independence and to be responsible as Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 58 years as an independent nation.