• 30 MAY 2019

Prime Minister Rowley Leads Energy Talks with BP in London

Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley led a delegation today (Thursday 30 May, 2019) to a meeting with a high-level team of BP executives at the company’s headquarters in London.

The Trinidad and Tobago delegation included Minister of Energy and Energy Industries the Hon Franklin Khan, Minister of National Security, Communications and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon Stuart Young,  Minister in the Ministry of Finance, the Hon. Alyson West and President of the National Gas Company Mark Loquan.

The BP team was led by Chief Executive Upstream Mr Bernard Looney and included Global Upstream Regions at BP, William Lin, President of BPTT, Claire Fitzpatrick, Head of Planning and Commercial Finance, Richard Eaton and Vice-President Corporate Operations Giselle Thompson.

The 90-minute meeting at BP’s Head Office at St. James Square in London, U.K. was informative and productive. The parties had a very frank and detailed conversation about BP’s developmental plans for Trinidad and Tobago. The Prime Minister thanked BP for their cooperation with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in the energy sector. There were discussions around BP’s recent drilling programmes and the future of LNG production in Trinidad and Tobago. BP also provided an update on their short and medium-term exploration and production gas programmes.

The energy company updated the Prime Minister and his delegation on the platform fabrication taking place for them at TOFCO’s Yard in La Brea.

The parties concluded the meeting by reaffirming their commitment to the growth of the energy sector as they scheduled the continuation of negotiations between the empowered teams which are expected to begin in the middle of June in furtherance of specific objectives relating to the restructuring of Atlantic LNG, acceleration of field investigation, exploration, production as well as discussions surrounding a large number of E&P licenses.