• 26 OCT 2016

Prime Minister Rowley hosts Divali Luncheon

“Even with our divisions of ethnicity, race, religion and geography, the rest of the world does not live as we do in Trinidad and Tobago. In this country we are fortunate to fellowship together and while we may not be perfect, we do very well in living and prospering together.”
So noted Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley in his greetings to those gathered for the Divali luncheon, hosted by the Prime Minister and Mrs Sharon Rowley at the Diplomatic Centre today, Wednesday 26th October 2016.

The Prime Minister also reminded his guests that national festival, such as Divali, show the strength and veracity of the words of our National Anthem, “Every creed and race find an equal place”.

Also speaking at the function was Shri Deoroop Teemal, 2nd Vice President of the National Council of Indian Culture, who elaborated on the deeper meaning of well-known Hindu mantra, Om Asatoma, which is frequently chanted at Divali celebrations. Shri Teemal highlighted that the mantra encourages a movement from a focus on the external to greater attention on our inner spiritual nature.

Opening blessings were read by Dharmacharya Pundit Uttam Maharaj. Dancer Alana Rajah and the melodious sounds of Mr Kaveesh Maharaj and his band entertained guests during the lunch. The afternoon’s celebrations closed with a dramatic performance of an excerpt of the Ramayana by the members of the National Ramleela Council and the infectious beats of the Champion Riddim Tassa Group.