• 14 DEC 2016

Prime Minister Rowley attends Swearing-in Ceremonies

Prime Minister Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley has been making the rounds at swearing in
ceremonies of several City and Regional Corporations this week.

On Tuesday morning (13th December) the Prime Minister attended the Port of Spain City
Corporation Ceremony at City Hall Port of Spain where Mr Joel Martinez, Ms Asha Permanand,
Mr Wade Coker and Mr Wendell Stephen were sworn in as aldermen. Mr Joel Martinez went on
to be elected as Mayor with Councillor Hillan Morean named as Deputy Mayor.

On Tuesday afternoon Prime Minister Rowley attended the swearing in ceremony for aldermen
of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation at Pier One Chaguaramas. At this meeting, the
aldermen sworn in were Ms Irene Hinds, Mr Sigler Jack, Mr Paul-Daniel Nahous and Mr
Spencer Tardieu. Councillor Susan Hong went on to be elected Chairman of the Diego Martin
Corporation while Ms Catherine Mendez will serve as Deputy Chairman.

Prime Minister Rowley next attended the swearing in ceremony for aldermen in the San
Fernando City Corporation on Wednesday (14th December). Those taking the oath were Mr
Johannes Deonarine, Mr Junia Regrello, Mr Shane Samlal and Ms Maxene Thomas. At the
meeting Mr Junia Regrello was elected Mayor while Councillor Ms Vidya-Mungal Bissessar was
elected Deputy Mayor.