• 18 MAR 2020

Post-Cabinet COVID-19 Update- Wednesday 18th March 2020

Government to determine whether it can revoke the licenses of bars that do not adhere to the 14-day ban. Local Government Corporations have been asked to restrict access to rivers across the country.

The Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) and other regional exams are postponed to a date to be announced.

The Government has asked the Housing Development Corporation and The Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Ltd. to defer rental and mortgage payments for one month in the first instance.

Commercial banks have agreed to provide all customers with the option to skip a payment for a month on loans and mortgages. During this time penalties are to be waived, and interest rates to be reduced to 10% points on credit cards.

To reduce the lending rate, Central Bank has reduced the reserve requirement for commercial banks from 17% to 14%.

The allocation of Foreign Exchange to be increased for the purchase of essential items such as pharmaceuticals and basic food items.

Government to increase social services grants and the number of available food cards. Students currently under the School Feeding Programme will be absorbed under the food card programme.

The Government to prioritise its payment of debt to businesses to facilitate job preservation.

Today 24,695 pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (goggles, face masks, gowns) were delivered to NIPDEC for health care workers.

Tobago will not be left behind as an allocation will be available to Tobago to assist hoteliers. The Ministers of Trade, Tourism and Finance will also travel to Tobago this week to assess the situation.

Gatherings of ten or more people should be avoided to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Parliament will break for two weeks after this Friday’s sitting.

The Government extended a special thank you to healthcare workers, security services and the heads of the business communities who continue to work during this period.