• 10 JAN 2017

Opening of the new Meteorological Facility (Tobago)

“We, in Trinidad and Tobago, if we are guilty of anything, we are guilty of taking things for granted. I consider myself a young man but I am not so young that I do not remember when aircrafts landed at the vagaries of the weather. We’ve come a long way from those days… to opening today a world-class facility.”

Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley delivered the feature address at the opening of the new Meteorological Facility in Tobago this morning (Tuesday 10th January, 2017). During his remarks, the Prime Minister underlined that while there are ups and downs in life, the new meteorological facility represents the commitment to get something done regardless of the circumstances. Dr. Rowley also affirmed that Tobago can and must contribute more to the national economy.

Additionally, Dr. Rowley affirmed that “there is room for art. There is room for culture… You have something unique that you can market to people. Differences sell, differences attract. All we have to do is have a “can-do” attitude… If there is any albatross around the neck of T&T, it is the issue of attitude.”

The Prime Minister urged members of the audience to return to the values of old and re-establish the nation as a people who have something different to offer. Prime Minister Rowley concluded by reiterating, “We have a tremendous foundation here in Tobago and the potential is great. It is against that background that the GORTT is making investments in infrastructure, confident that it will result in an increased quality of life… Once again, Tobago is leading the way.”

The new facility, which was approved by Cabinet in 2007, is of world-class standard and was delivered under the estimated budget. The National Insurance Property Development Company Limited (NIPDEC) was tasked with spearheading the construction project which officially began in 2015.