• 04 MAR 2024

Opening of The Diego Martin Public Library

The community of Diego Martin and its environs now have access to a state-of-the-art public library.

This as Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley officially opened the Diego Martin Public Library on the corner of the Diego Martin Main Road and Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard today (Monday 04th March, 2024).

The three-story building will serve as a technology hub, offering a wide range of public access capabilities and internet access services.

The Diego Martin Public Library features the following:

-An auditorium with 117 seating capacity, an amphitheatre with 75 seating capacity, NALIS Store and commercial spaces for rent.

-Children, Adults, Young Adults and Senior Library book sections, computer stations and a meeting room.

Delivering his feature address this morning Dr Rowley said, “What this facility represents as an investment for the people of the entire valley and surroundings of Diego Martin is an opportunity to spend time doing something different, something positive, something uplifting, something valuable.”

Addressing the perceptions of libraries as outdated, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of embracing the digital age. He said, “This library is where Diego Martin will meet the digital age, where the digital age would be acceptable and accessible to every citizen, young boy, or girl. Dr Rowley noted that, “even as the digital age is upon us there is a requirement to be anchored in the basics and the first basic has to be as desire to learn, that eagerness to absorb.”

Prime Minister Rowley encouraged citizens to visit national libraries and to read as much as possible.

Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, and representatives from the Diego Martin Borough Corporation also attended today’s opening.