• 20 OCT 2018

Flood update #3

I will be joining the Minister of National Security the Honourable Stuart Young for a media conference at 6 pm.

I want to continue to assure the nation that the Government is doing everything it can to secure the well-being of all those impacted by the floods.

All the Government agencies and the State’s resources are available to the people affected by the flooding during this crisis.

I visited Sangre Grande earlier today and while some of the water is draining off I am particularly concerned that rain clouds are building again.

We continue to evacuate people from the affected areas in anticipation of more rainfall.

I also returned to Greenvale in La Horquetta to connect with residents and for an update on the ongoing work in that community.

I continue to receive reports on the efforts in St Helena/Kelly, Mayaro and other affected areas in Central Trinidad.