• 20 JAN 2019

Clarification Regarding Wendell Mottley’s Appointment to Sandals Committee

In 2016 the Cabinet appointed Mr. Wendell Mottley to a committee which was tasked with leading negotiations with Sandals. The Government did not enter the negotiations phase with Sandals and so the committee was not operationalised.

Up to the point of discontinuation of the Sandals project the preparatory work that had to be executed was done through a Special Purpose Company (SPV) chaired by Mr Neil Wilson in Tobago.

This work was mainly site and topographical surveys in order to determine where the facilities were intended to be located in order to advance the approval process at the Environmental Management Authority and Town and Country Planning.

Unfortunately even before the completion of these necessary preliminary works from which the definitive answers would have emerged the brand owners declined any further participation and exposure.

It should be noted that Mr Mottley did not get involved in the Sandals project as was originally intended. He, however, was directed to and functioned very effectively as a negotiator on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago on important natural gas negotiations matters.

An apology is extended to Mr Robert Amar who raised the name of Mr Mottley as being involved in the Sandals project and was told he was incorrect. The Prime Minister apologises for not clarifying as herein described.