• 03 MAY 2021

Prime Minister’s Media Conference – Monday 3rd May, 2021.

Effective Tuesday 04th May, 2021, all food services and non-essential retail businesses will be discontinued until 23rd May, 2021. Prime Minister Dr the Hon. Keith Rowley made the announcement during a media conference held at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s today (Monday 3rd May, 2021).

The Prime Minister also announced that all essential businesses (groceries, pharmacies, hardware stores etc.) will now operate from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. A list of the categories of essential businesses which can remain open will be published.

Dr Rowley said the additional adjustments to the COVID-19 Public Health Regulations are necessary to reduce the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Rowley revealed that discussions will continue with the Minister of Finance to provide support to persons in need.

The Prime Minister said for the month of May, five million dollars will be allocated to provide food support. Ecclesiastical bodies will receive $10 million to distribute to those in need. Dr Rowley said a sum between $40 million – $50million is being finalised to assist those impacted by the restrictions.