Permanent Secretaries

Office of the Prime Minister

Mrs. Sandra Jones

Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and Head of the Public Service

Mr. Simeon Yearwood

Mr. Isaac James

Mr. Maurice Suite


Office of the Prime Minister Gender and Child Affairs

Ms. Jacqueline Johnson (ag.)


Office of the Prime Minister Central Administrative Services Tobago

Mrs. Bernadette Solomon-Koroma (ag.)


Attorney General and Legal Affairs

Ms. Ingrid Seerattan (ag.)


Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

Ms. Angela Siew (ag.)

Mr. Claudelle McKellar (ag.)


Community Development, Culture and the Arts

Mrs. Angela Shelley Leonard-Edwards (ag.)



Mrs. Angela Sinaswee-Gervais (ag.)

Mrs. Lenor Baptiste-Simmons (ag.)


Energy and Energy Industries

Mr. Selwyn Lashley



Mr. Vishnu Dhanpaul (ag.)

Mrs. Michelle Durham-Kissoon (ag.)

Mrs. Suzette Taylor-Lee Chee (ag.)

Ms. Lisa Ann Phillips (ag.)


Foreign and CARICOM Affairs

Ms. Jennifer Daniel (ag.)



Mr. Richard Madray


Housing and Urban Development

Mrs. Simone Thorne Mora-Quinones (ag.)


Labour and Small Enterprise Development

Mr. Simeon Yearwood


National Security

Ms. Lydia Jacobs (ag.)

Mr. Vel Lewis (ag.)


Planning and Development

Ms. Joanne Deoraj (ag.)


Public Administration and Communications

Mrs. Joan Mendez


Public Utilities

Mrs. Vashti Shrikrisen Singh (ag.)


Rural Development and Local Government

Ms. Desdra Bascombe

Ms. Samdai Rampersad (ag.)


Social Development and Family Services  

Mrs. Jacinta Bailey-Sobers

Ms. Natasha Barrow (ag.)


Sport and Youth Affairs

Mr. Ian Ramdahin (ag.)



Ms. Vidiah Ramkhelawan


Trade and Industry

Mr. Norris Herbert (ag.)

Ms. Frances Seignoret (ag.)


Works and Transport

Ms. Dhanmatte Ramdath (ag.)